Climate Tech Investment Summit

Country Research Briefs, 2021​

As part of our efforts to map the climate tech landscape in South & Southeast Asia – we have curated regional snapshots of the countries we are looking to drive early-stage investments in, namely Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines & Vietnam. ​

These regional research briefs address key aspects such as: impacts of climate change, climate change & startup policies, the upcoming climate tech startups and key stakeholders who are increasingly investing in this space.

Country Research Briefs, 2021​

GenderXClimate Impact Framework​

As part of our efforts to build awareness around Gender Lens Investing among beneficiaries, we worked with Intellecap to develop the GenderXClimate Impact Framework. ​

This framework, is designed for climate tech businesses whose key beneficiaries​ are women and girl communities, provides guidance on how climate tech businesses can integrate gender considerations and positively impact women through inclusion in their operations or through their products/services.