About the Climate Tech Investment Summit

The Climate Tech Investment Summit brings together a set of angel investors from across South & Southeast Asia, as well as overseas angels who are looking to invest in climate tech startups from across these regions.

This is an invite-only event – exclusive to angel investors and follow-on VC’s.

This event will present the most promising climate tech startups in these regions and provide angels the opportunity to engage with other angels & follow-on capital providers. By combining this deal flow centered approach with interactive workshops, the Summit aims to provide angels with a platform where they can exchange perspectives, explore approaches to investing in this space and build syndicates with other experienced angels.

About Climate Angels Network

Climate Angels Network (CAN) provides investment syndication support services to local angel investment networks through a deal-flow centric platform to catalyze early-stage capital into climate tech startups in South & Southeast Asia.

About the Summit


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January 19 @ 3:50 am in

…to go for the first Summit!

Event Schedule
Climate Angels Network was developed through the Frontiers Lab Asia
incubator initiative, which is supported by the Australian Government.

South Asia

Southeast Asia

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