Country Research Briefs, 2021​

As part of our efforts to map the Climate Tech landscape in South & Southeast Asia – we have curated regional snapshots of the countries we are looking to drive early-stage investments in, namely Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines & Vietnam. These regional research briefs address key aspects such as: impacts of climate change, climate change & startup policies, the upcoming Climate Tech startups and key stakeholders who are increasingly investing in this space.

Country Research Briefs, 2021​






Combined Report

Technology Research Briefs, 2023

As part of our efforts to spotlight emerging technologies in Climate Tech, we will be regularly publishing Technology Research Briefs. These will be authored by domain experts that CTIN commissions.
These Technology Research Briefs encompass: state of the art of the selected technology; an overview of mature technologies in the space; promising developments, and challenges, in emerging technologies; promising startups in the space; and finally, key insights (around trends and opportunities) for investors, and critical questions one should resolve before making an investment.

Battery Technology Research Brief - March 2023



Building Energy Management Systems - March 2023


Early-stage Climate-tech Startups in India: Investment Landscape Report 2021

Early-stage Climate-tech Startups in India: Investment landscape 2021 is a report co-authored by Climate Collective with the Impact Investors Council, and Areté Advisors to spotlight the activity in the Indian climate tech ecosystem over the last five years. The report helps to deconstruct and adequately socialize the landscape of less understood solutions and innovative business models that characterize the current wave of climate-tech activity in the country. It provides a taxonomy for the classification of the Climate Tech ecosystem. It also provides detailed recommendations and insights from industry players which can help climate-related start-up investments become mainstream.

Gender Impact Framework​

As part of our efforts to build awareness around Gender Lens Investing among beneficiaries, we worked with Intellecap to develop a GenderXClimate Impact Framework. 

This framework, designed for climate tech businesses whose key beneficiaries are women and girl communities, provides guidance on how climate tech businesses can integrate gender considerations and positively impact women through inclusion in their operations or through their products/services.



Climate Impact Metrics Guide

Climate Collective Foundation and the Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) published this guide to provide SGBs, impact investors, and ESOs with a consolidated list of available tools and frameworks for climate impact measurement, along with guidance on how to select best-fit resources based on their sector and impact goals. This guide does not seek to replace any existing frameworks or tools or create new resources but rather to present an aggregation of resources and insights from the ecosystem to provide a starting point for impact management and reporting for climate SGBs in developing economies.

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